LHC Announcer

Audible announcements of events in the LHC using the Festival speech synthesis system.

Enable Category Events Vistar
  • Energy in 0.5 TeV increments
  • Fill numbers
  • Next injection ring, bucket and no. bunches
  • Injections
  • Beam dumps
  • Collimators starting and stopping
  • Beta* in 1m increments during squeezes
  • Starting of dynamic changes
  • Wire scans
  • Accelerator mode changes
  • Beam mode changes
  • Operational mode changes
  • Page 1 (LHC1) comment changes
  • Global post-mortems
  • Power converters start and abort ramps
  • 60A PC Permit changes
  • Sector Access changes
  • Starting and stopping of dampers
  • Software surveillance system messages
  • Announcer test messages
Vol: Vistar:

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Event History